15 Dogs On Snapchat That You Need To Add Now

Because The Real Thing Is Way Cuter Than The Dog Tongue Filter

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


While it’s been long said that cat memes rule the internet, we think dogs dominate the Instagram and Snapchat worlds since everyone loves artistic feeds of puppies’ daily lives. Instagram’s My Story looks as if it threatens the existence of Snapchat, but Snapchat isn’t dead yet! With Snapchat’s new updates, there’s both front facing and rear facing filters. You can make your dog have a silly face or make it look like your dog is in a magical wonderland. And if you follow more dogs, that means more dog shenanigans and less of your friend vaping. ?

Stop getting sucked into boring stories. Get Leashed brings you the greatest dogs to follow on Snapchat!

  1. ? milotheyorkee (Instagram @milo_the_yorkee)

Milo the Yorkee is a popular pup from Florida. His owner likes to dress him in costumes and does not hold back on the use of decorative stickers. You can only imagine how she uses Snapchat filters on Milo.


  1. ? taleoftwocorgis (Instagram: @taleoftwocorgis)

These silly corgis are too cute on Instagram – but imagine them running towards the phone on Snapchat with stickers and filters and slow motion! They’re even made into memes ?. A must follow.


  1. [email protected]

This account shows the best of Shiba Inus! So if Shibas are your favorite breed, this is the Snapchat to make you smile.


  1. [email protected] (Instagram @brunotheminidachshund)

This little hot dog has the cutest little costumes and outfits. Daily Snapstories from him are definitely  worth the extra follow.


  1. ? chloekardoggian (Instagram @chloekardoggian)

This senior Chihuahua should probably be more popular than Khloe Kardashian herself. Chloe is, debatably, cuter, and you’ll want to keep up with her. Yes, we said it.


  1. [email protected] Instagram @samsonthedood

This Ontario born doodle looks like a nugget! Don’t you just want to watch his nugget life?? We’ve featured this pup before and can’t get enough. Instant mood lifter. 


  1. [email protected]

Want to see animals you can rescue or help get rescued on a daily basis? Add ASPCA to your Snapchat! Daily encouragement to spread the #AdoptDontShop message. 


  1. @lacorgi

Geordi the Corgi is not just cute, but has an amazing photographer. You can probably see everything else he does in life on his Snapchat. ?


  1. ? celeb_dachshund (Instagram @crusoe_dachshund)

A hot dog dog, with a hot dog bed – enough said. Be prepared for more awesomeness on the daily.


  1. loveabullydog (Instagram @love.a.bully)

Bulldogs! French AND English Bulldogs – all the wrinkles you can imagine on your Snapchat. #InstaAdd.


  1.  NorbertTheDog

Tongue out is how Norbert the therapy dog lives his life. He also gives out high fives. Ugh, so cute. Go ahead and follow him.


  1.  dailydougie

Daily snaps of this ugly-cute dog. ? How can you resist???


  1. Marniethedog

This senior pup makes you look at her snaps sideways because …she’s kind of sideways and has her tongue out. Oh and it makes her walk totally adorable – especially when she’s in costume.


  1. itsdougthepug

Self-proclaimed as ‘The King of Pop Culture’, Doug lives the life of every millennial – maybe even better.


  1. ? jiffpom

And our most popular Snapchat pup with 3.4 million followers, is Jiffpom. A tiny pom who looks like a tiny doll. ? Too cute for words.