Hundreds Come Out For Whippet’s Last Walk On His Favorite Beach

#WalkWithWalnut Unites Pet People For A Send Off This Owner Will Never Forget

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Owner Mark Woods used this photo to thank those who supported Walnut

Every pet owner hopes their animal lives a long and happy life. Saying goodbye to a senior pet doesn’t make the loss any easier. When Mark Woods realized he had to put down his beloved Whippet, he decided to organize a special celebration to honor Walnut the dog’s life.


Mark & Walnut / Mark Woods via Facebook

18-year-old Walnut the Whippet headed to Porth beach with his owner, Mark Woods, for his last walk ever on his favorite beach. Woods made this announcement on Facebook:

“Sadly I am having to have Walnut euthanized on Saturday 12th November and so we will be having a last walk together on his beloved Porth Beach at 9.30am. I would love it if dog lovers/owners and friends would join us for a celebration of Walnut on his favorite Porth Beach. He has had an incredible life and having reached the grand age of 18 is ready for his final sleep. Hope to see you on Saturday.”


Walnut and Mark responding to the outpour of messages / Mark Woods via Facebook

After this announcement, Walnut received thousands of messages of love and support.


Heidi Davey, a BBC employee, tweeted the turn out of #WalkWithWalnut

On the walk, Walnut was greeted with hundreds of supporters – dogs and their owners – who joined him for his final walk.


Rest in peace sweet Walnut / Mark Woods via Facebook

Shortly after the walk, on November 12, Walnut was put to sleep and passed at 11:56 AM.

Mark Woods wrote:

“I am writing this post because I owe it to everyone who has supported myself, my family and most importantly Walnut. Thank you to the hundreds of people that attended the walk this morning and to all those that had their own walks with their beloved pets at 9.30am all around the world. I also want to thank the wonderful people of Newquay for their support which I will never forget as long as I live.”

Our hearts break for Mark, but are also thrilled to see pet people come together in such a wonderful way.