Watch Buster The Boxer Discover The Joy Of Trampolines

The One Christmas Spot You Need To See This Season

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Christmas commercials usually revolve around parents surprising their children with a wonderful gift that directly relates to what they love to do. In this John Lewis advertisement, little Bridget loves jumping on the bed. Straightforward, right? She’s going to get a trampoline or a bouncy castle or some jumping shoes.

But the commercial moves towards the family’s pet – Buster the Boxer. He watches Bridget jump in awe. And when Bridget’s father sets up her trampoline surprise, some furry neighbors take a turn enjoying this Christmas gift and give Buster an idea.

John Lewis

Bridget wakes up to discover not only her surprise present, but also that she’s not the only one who will be making use of it. As it turns out, dogs love trampolines too!

This cinematic, Baz Luhrmann worthy production has restored our sense of holiday cheer this year.


John Lewis via YouTube

The commercial takes you back to reality and shows just how strange it is to have a dog bounce on a trampoline – but it’s sweet and funny. So it’s a win from us, John Lewis. You did good.

Is Buster The Boxer Real?


Jan Patten via Facebook

Fun fact! The real life Buster the Boxer is actually Biff the Boxer. He lives with his owner Jan Patten in Bedforshire.