Giant Polar Bear Gently Pets Dog

Watch A Polar Bear Hesitantly Pet A Dog in Churchill, Manitoba

By Justyne Yuen-Lee



Credit: David De Meulles (YouTube)

The polar bear’s giant paw floats above dog’s head before deciding to pet.

No fear, just cuddles.

Polar bears love dogs, just like us! Well, at least this one in Churchill does (shoutout to all our Canadian readers!) We love moments of interspecies friendships, from cats and dogs to dogs and pigs, but this one might just top them all.

This bear lumbered over to a dog lying by the water and patted him on the head many times. The dog, super chill, was fearless and didn’t mind the intimacy.

David De Meulles recorded the video and said he’s never seen that happen before. De Meulles, an occasional tour guide born and raised in Churchill was amazed at the interaction.


Credit: David De Meulles (YouTube)

“Pet…pet…” Polar bears: they’re just like us. Nature shows that not petting a dog is impossible!

Watch the full video here: