Amazing Animal Latte Art From Around The World

10 Cafes Where You’ll Go For The Coffee And Stay For The Instagram Photo-op

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @tanmariyah

Reissue, in Japan, does 3D Shiba latte art! Your own little coffee pet

Some people are passionate about coffee and some people are passionate about animals. But other people are passionate about both! Latte art opens opportunities for baristas to show their inner artist and determination to make every customer’s latte special.

Here are 10 Coffee Shops from around the world that have animal latte art!


Credit: @initiumco, at Initium Co, 8241 Woodbine Ave #6, Markham

Initium Co can print any image of your liking on your latte!


Credit: @butter___sugar, at ばたーしゅがー, Japan

This Japanese coffee shop does detailed art of your favorite movie characters – mostly Disney and Miyazaki.

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