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A Look Into The Life of The French Cook With 14 Dogs

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

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Author of cookbook A Kitchen in France, Mimi has been living her dream as a French cook, and basically living our dream, surrounded by canines. Growing up eating in Hong Kong and France, Mimi’s love for food shines in her career. After dappling in fashion and media, she and her husband settled in Paris. But with a growing family and babies on babies on the way, they needed a bigger place to live. And thus, they now live on the countryside in Médoc. With her countryside home, a loving husband, children, and her cooking, Mimi seems to have it all.

But with all that she has, she also lives with fourteen dogs! Fox Terriers, Jack Russells, and a German pointer, Gertrud who thinks she’s a terrier. This elegant mom, cook, and author has an enviable Instagram feed worth a follow. 

Here are nine photos of Mimi’s life with her cooking and many, many pups:


Credit: @mimithor

Mimi preparing a yummy meal while one of her terriers stands guard.


Credit: @mimithor

Mimi, two of her children, and many of her dogs along the countryside

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