Marta Tryshak

The Business Owner, Blogger, & Brand Strategist With Her Bulldog Bonnie

Interview By Si Si Penaloza

marta tryshak and bonnie the bulldog get leashed doggy style

Hard working and glamorous, Marta Tryshak is known to many as one of Marketing’s 30 Under 30 and for her Notable Award for Best Personal Brand. What you may not know, is that she’s also a dog lover and proud owner of a bashful Bulldog, Bonnie! Marta’s blog, WithLoveGabrielle focuses on where fabulous meets everyday, and how fabulous for us to stop in on her at home, peek into her closet, and spend a fall afternoon with her and her beloved Bonnie! Get to know this dynamic duo below:

You are an Instagram legend in Toronto social media circles. Please tell us about yourself and what a typical work day is like:

I am certainly no legend, but social media is definitely a large part of my career. I graduated from the University of Toronto with a specialist in art history and architecture. Thanks to my studies I’ve always had a great appreciation for aesthetics, which led me to start over 8 years ago. As the digital landscape has evolved, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many international brands on developing branded content and digital marketing strategies. What first started as an interest evolved into an idea; this led to launching a social media agency along with an investor. Our aim at TryMus Group is to provide clients with the best strategy and product. We pride ourselves in doing social media right.

As for a typical day, there really isn’t one. Every day is different and that’s what keeps you on your toes. I spend most of the morning on my laptop, or at client meetings. Afternoons are for photoshoots or client events.

How would you describe your personal style?

A combination of classic, practical and feminine. Since I’m always on the go, I do not like to wear clothes that are not practical for daytime. For women, the way we feel about ourselves is directly reflected in the way we conduct ourselves. I’ve always kept that in mind when it comes to business, and it is important to me to always feel pulled together and neat. I also look at it as a form of respect towards others. I typically gravitate towards classic silhouettes in neutral colors with a feminine touch.


Reflect on your most endearing puppy bonding moment…

I will never forget the first time my family and I took Bonnie with us to Florida and how much she loved the ocean. While she cannot swim, she loves the beach and water. It is our family’s happy place and she’s a huge part of those memories.

Fill us in on your bulldog’s most endearing antics. Is there a story behind the name or your attraction to this particular breed?

Bonnie is named after a character in Gone with The Wind. My mom and I love that book and movie and both agreed on the name. She’s a little bundle of joy with a lot of attitude. She loves to nap and cuddle but also loves her play time.

This is truly a most surreal and sublime era to be a pet owner, with so many start up brands now catering to dogs and doting dog lovers. What are some of your favorites?

Bonnie is six years old and from the age of two she’s been on a raw food diet. All of her meals are delivered by local Big Country Raw to our door and she loves it. She developed internal and external allergies that nearly killed her, it turns out, as a result of dry dog food. Since the switch, she’s in incredible form and Big Country Raw is still our go to for her food.

Do you ever make playdates with Instagram famous pets in Toronto?

Bonnie’s favorite activity is napping while I work, and while I am very social, unfortunately she is not.

As a busy business leader and dog owner, what tips do you have on work-life balance?

In the same way family comes before work, so does Bonnie. One must always place priority of their loved ones over work. I am lucky to have my parents who take great care of Bonnie while I’m busy or traveling.


What restaurants in Toronto have you fantasized about bringing your pet to, if local restaurants became pet friendly?

I absolutely love pasta and Joso’s is one of my favorites; I’d love to have dinner alongside Bonnie there someday.

Can you elaborate how you would spend the perfect day, just you and your dog?

Our perfect day is on the beach at St. George Island, Florida. I love to read and she just loves to nap. It doesn’t get better than that.

As a well traveled media maven, share your insider tips on the best pet-friendly hotels and venues that you’ve enjoyed over the years.

W Hotels is one of my favorites to stay at and it’s wonderful to have my little heart join me.

Tell us about the best travel anecdote with your dog – road trips, jumping in lakes, hiking up mountains…

Bonnie joins us on all of our family vacations, so she’s a very well traveled dog. Surprisingly enough, as much as we take her to the ocean, she has never learned to swim. Her favorite place is to lay on the shore while the waves crash up against her. She can sit there for hours; she also refuses to sit on the hot sand and will only sit in her own beach chair. To say that she has her whims would be an understatement.

Follow Marta’s blog at withlovegabrielle and see what she’s up to with Bonnie on Instagram and Twitter.