Life of Vi – Sweater Weather

Violet gets cozy in beautiful knits to brave the elements

By Rachel Simpson


It’s that cold again: cold enough that any dog not bred to withstand the elements needs to be equipped to endure them. Violet may be as stubborn and tenacious as a bulldog, but she’s a shrinking violet when it comes to cold. Thankfully, Violet’s sweater wardrobe is all she needs to keep her warm and turn a few heads.

1. Purple Reign

Her name is Violet, so doesn’t putting her in purple just sort of make sense? We think so. And that’s why we got Violet this cozy knitted purple sweater. It’s also feminine so people don’t ask us what “his” name is when we’re out with her.


2. Stripe Spotting

While it makes her anything but inconspicuous when she’s running through the park in pursuit of squirrels, Violet’s hooded sweater from The Hudson’s Bay Company makes her irresistible to passers-by. And getting tons of attention from strangers seems like a pretty good consolation for all those squirrels giving her the slip.


3. All Good in the Hood

Our friends Piggy and Polly were nice enough to send us a zip-up hoodie from their Pipolli line, and Violet loves it so much that she doesn’t even want to wear it outside or share it with her little brother (even though he would look adorable in it).


4. Built to Last

Violet loves her Roots sweater because it’s stylish and indestructible, just like her. What more could you ask for from a sweater?


5. Cashmere Queen

Everybody has it: that garment that you only wear on special occasions because it’s just too nice to wear on a regular basis. That’s how Violet treats her cashmere sweater from Ruby Rufus. She’ll break it out soon, though: Christmas is right around the corner.