Inside The Dog-Friendly Interior Design + Decor Shop

By The Get Leashed Style Team

kendall & co toronto decor design

Toronto is a city of vibrant neighborhoods, and historic Cabbagetown is home to this dog-friendly wonder: KENDALL & Co. Design duo Kendall Williams and Kevin Kung run the show at this interior design studio and retail showroom. Aside from the neighborhood dogs who frequent the shop, ever hopeful for one of the treats at the counter, Kendall & Kevin have a rescue dog together named Roxie who is the unofficial shop ambassador.

The holiday season is particularly exciting here, with the shop’s windows transformed to a new festive theme each year, and the shelves insides brimming with curated ornaments from handmade and re-purposed materials. There truly is something in store for every animal lover on your list.

Have a look below at what’s in store for the holiday season and read on as we talk dogs and design with Kevin:


How do you cater the shop and design business to the dog-owning petset?

When we’re buying for the store, we always keep our customers’ pets in mind. We’re dog people, our friends have dogs, and we know our customers’ pets by name! We have many regulars and always have treats at the counter.

When designing the home of a dog owner, we have to be careful and put in an extra level of detail. Especially in choosing fabrics and upholstery, we are careful to select something beautiful but also something that will last for children, dogs, and cats!

This location on Parliament Street has been open for two years, but the company has been in design for 20 years, with a retail component for nine. We love having a dog-friendly space.

Tell us about your gorgeous dog, Roxie. How did she come to live with you?

Roxie is from the humane society. We actually adopted Roxie by fluke. Our beloved dog Stella passed away two years before we were ready for another dog. We were supposed to be matched with another dog but their personality didn’t fit. Roxie was in a kennel and looked up at Ken, and we knew she was right. We had a short interview, and then took her home! She is a Shar Pei mix and loves coming to the store.


Has she inspired your style?

Before I had a dog I thought, why would someone dress their dog? Now, I do!

I have a Hudson’s Bay Company striped umbrella and she has a rain coat. It’s fun seeing people’s reactions to us walking down the street together.

We created these Cabbagetown Pack hoodies, working with a local maker and added a zipper for functionality. These were inspired by Roxie!

We also do bow tie collars from a local maker. A bride once came in and based her groom’s wedding look off of one of the collars she had bought for her dog!

How can readers make their homes more stylish? What’s in store for the holidays?

People can be afraid of interior design, so we like to find approachable and unique products for our showroom.

Our pet portraits have been very popular (from Gaga to Snoop Dogg to Warhol). We’ve done different series and are always ordering more from the artist.

British designer Monica Richards of London is a favorite, as well as local artists and designers from all over Canada.

We are constantly sourcing new items with pet-owners in mind. The dog dishes and bowls are dishwasher safe, and we like to carry items at different price points.

We have quite a selection of greeting cards, and our customers love the surprise factor. From pop up cards sourced from Asia to Rhubarb Paper Co. notes designed in Nova Scotia. Ken is originally from Nova Scotia so we love to carry items from coast to coast.

This year, our holiday windows have been taken over by our twist on The Little Drummer Boy. We love to welcome new customers and their dogs to the shop during this season.


Visit KENDALL & Co at 514 Parliament St., Toronto and visit for interior design.