Toronto Humane Society Presents Puppy Swap

When your puppy grows old, would you “swap” it for another?

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: THS

Puppy swap is an easy and commitment free subscription service!

Do you ever wish that you could go back in time to when your dog was a puppy; when he was small and energetic and cute? Now he’s a little older and not as mobile.

Well, the Toronto Human Society has introduced PuppySwap! You can trade in your older dog for a new puppy!


Credit: THS

It’s an easy cycle – get a puppy, spend time with the puppy, swap in your older puppy for a newer one!

You can see which breeds are trending and rate your pup for other people.


Credit: THS

#Trending breeds let you know how other people like your puppy


Credit: THS

And you can give feedback for your current puppy. Isn’t it a great idea! No hassle and all cute!

Well, it’s not real. (Good thing.)


Credit: THS

Toronto Humane Society got you there.

Remember your pet is a commitment!