Canadian Man Punches Cougar Outside a Tim Hortons to Save His Dog

This seems too Canadian to be true…

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Photo: CBC News

Sasha, Will Gibbs’ husky, sustained many bite wounds, but was released from veterinary care.

In Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, after a man heard his husky whimpering, he ran to attack whatever was biting her. He punched and yelled at what he realized was a cougar.

He was meeting a friend at a Tim Hortons when he heard his dog whimpering and instinctually, he ran to protect her. He punched the side of the cougar’s head and it ran back to the woods.


Gibbs went to grab Sasha, his husky, but she bit him in fear. Then the cougar came back and Gibbs went right back to punching the cougar.

Sasha ran off to the edge of the parking lot and the cougar set its eyes on Gibbs’ second husky, Mongo. Gibbs saw this and called his brother for help. Then he grabbed a stick to fight off the cougar. At this point, both dogs were in the safety of the truck and the cat disappeared into the woods.

Authorities do not recommend fighting a cougar, but in this case it worked. The cougar was later found and killed. Sasha was brought to an animal hospital with many bites around her neck and claw marks on her belly. However, she is doing fine.


Would you fight a wild animal for your pet? How Canadian, eh!