Dream Life: This Family Lives In Bali With 7 Golden Puppies

That’s a lot of golden retrievers running around

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @lady_goldenr

March 2016, Lady the golden had her 7 babies!

Seven little Golden Retriever puppies greeted Lady and her owners on March 12, 2016 in Bali. And from then on, their house has been full of rowdy puppies exploring. Their family includes: Lady (the mother), Princess, Valmond, Charlotte, Arthur, Shelby, Leonard and Vitaly! They explore beautiful Bali and go to the many beaches together!


Credit: @lady_goldenr

The puppies outside for the first time! Some are still trying to open their eyes!


Credit: @lady_goldenr

When they have their eyes open, they can run into each other on purpose!

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