You REALLY Need to See These Dogs and Babies

Too much cute to handle!!!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee



Baby: “This couch cousin is very warm and it can breathe!” Dog: “Be careful, child.”

Some people love dogs. Some people love babies. Some people love both! And we agree – curious babies and curious dogs make a good situation. Or even curious babies and patient older dogs are a perhaps funnier pair. Either way – babies and dogs growing up together is the best! BFF – best furry friend from birth – is the greatest dog title ever.

Whether you grew up with a dog or are thinking about getting one, let these BFFs brighten your day.

1.) Reluctant pals


Credit: @mtrinh91

Baby: “What is this???”

Dog: “Does she see me?”
Even when dogs begrudgingly engage in the friendship, we know deep down they’re loyal and protective.

2.) BFFs


Credit: @emmayabe

Baby: “Hey best friend.”

Dog: “Go to sleep, child, you’re cranky.”

While dogs are not babysitters, they definitely show how much they care in many ways.

3.) Play pals


Credit: @guathamytrishul

Baby: “How many times can I roll over the dog before something happens?”

Bless, patient dogs. Supervised fun is important for bonding.

4.) Kindred spirits


Credit: @huxleyandhispack

Both: “He gets me.”

Words can’t even begin to describe all the feels!

5.) Napping Neighbors


Credit: @i.b_rod

Dog: “I am happy with what you brought home.”

When the dog is no longer the baby of the house, something special happens.

6.) Kissing cousins


Credit: @jacksonvanderdoodle

“Mom! My first kiss!!”

Learning to show love from a dog is a truly beautiful thing.

7.) Horsey and rider!


Credit: @khansculley

“This is my trusty steed!”

It’s hard to believe how fast this baby will grow, but for now, their dog is an intriguing size for a walking aid.

8.) Curious confidants


Credit: @lauraiz

“You can play with this too!”

Sharing is caring. Another life lesson a dog can help teach.

9.) Lovebirds


Credit: @lisamcgowen

“Apparently, a big man comes and puts presents under here!”

When you’re both in it for the presents, how could you not bond over Santa’s visit?

10.) Serious sidekicks


Credit: @maxy_the_cattledog

“What is this small human? He’s funny!”

A dog is like a really, really awesome stuffed toy come to life.

11.) Beanie buddies


Credit: @mollycatmackenzie

“Our squad matches at least twice a week.”

When you all have to prepare for the cold, it’s a lot more fun to stay outside playing.

12.) Big time bodyguard


Credit: @mother.of.boys.1122

“Please keep your distance from the baby.”

Professional Baby Guard. This pup takes their post super seriously.

13.) Mini models


Credit: @mrwinstonthewestie

“Heh, his face is on my tummy.”

When your BFF is also your style muse.

14.) Pint-sized hoodlums


Credit: @ralphienyc

“Why is this ewok disguised as Chewbacca??”

You’ll always have a style partner in crime when you start ’em young.

15.) Caped crusaders


Credit: @ramone.n.linus

Just a hero and his sidekick! Your couple costume possibilities are endless when your dog is in on the fun from day one.

We hope you enjoyed this puppy and baby roundup. This is the definition of friendship goals!