2016’s Ten Hottest Girls on Instagram and the Pets They Love

They’re all just so beautiful – we can’t even

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @katiegrinstead

Who’s actually hotter? The girl or the dog? The dog seems to think he’s better.

You know those girls you see on social media who get hundreds or thousands or even hundreds of thousands of likes just for existing? Yup, we found ten of them who aren’t just gorgeous and creative, but have adorable pets who just add to their beauty and popularity.

Here are 10 accounts you may want to start following:

1. @katiegrinstead


Credit: @katiegrinstead

Taco joining Katie on the beach

This up and coming hottie’s Instagram feed is just as beautiful as she is. Her feed is full of sunsets, beaches, trees and boats – all the vacation feels you could ask for. But, the best part is her tiny Chihuahua named Taco! Katie maintains both her own and Taco’s Instagram (@tequierotaco).

2. @agoldenbarbie


Credit: @agoldenbarbie

Alyssa and Tinsel getting ready for the day together

Credit: @agoldenbarbie

Tinsel and Alyssa go fishing

Her username reflects her photos – it always seems to be sunny where Alyssa is. Other than her posts that show her Barbie-like beauty, she also features her doggy Tinsel!

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