Can You Guess Which Celebrities Rescued Their Pets?

Movie stars, singers, actresses! Promoting #AdoptDontShop

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @mirandalambert

Q. Can you guess which country singer opened their home to this rescued crew?

It’s almost an automatic thought to think that since celebrities have the money, they probably cash out on the most expensive breeds of dogs, purebred only. Nope! That’s certainly not always the case. Banish that stereotype from your brain –woosh-. A lot of celebrities actually rescue their doggies, and once they do it once, they just can’t help but do it again! Here’s a non-exhaustive list of some celebrities who have rescued pets.

A. Miranda Lambert! The Gunpowder & Led songstress has five rescues!

Have a look at these famous faces who rescued their dogs:

Anne Hathaway


Credit: Instagram / @annehathaway

The Devil Wears Prada actress rescued this happy Terrier mix, Kenobi! Missing from her Instagram page is her Chocolate Lab, Esmeralda. Does this make you love Annie just a little bit more?

Hilary Swank


Credit: Instagram / @hilaryswank

This Oscar winner thinks there is no other option but to adopt. Karoo and Rumi are her regular travel buddies! She’s also a passionate animal philanthropist. Way to go, Hilary!

Jane Lynch


Credit: Instagram / @janelynchofficial

Glee star, Jane Lynch adopted this little nugget, Olivia at an adoption fair. Olivia’s 17 and going strong! Senior dogs really know how to snuggle.

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