Doggy Sleepovers Are a Thing Thanks to This Organization

LifeLine Animal Project throws the cutest PJ parties

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


 Credit: LifeLine Animal Project Facebook (LLAP)

This program is enriching the lives of shelter pups. Are you on the fence about adopting a pup? Do you love dogs? You want to see what it’s like to have a dog? Now you can have a sleepover with rescued dogs!


Credit: LLAP

This doggy is head over heels excited for a potential sleepover.

The Lifeline Animal Project needed an idea to both encourage people to adopt and to give dogs a break from cramped shelter life. And they had a great one – doggy sleepovers!


Credit: LLAP

Ready and sleepy!

They put PJs on pups and posted videos and photos of them on Facebook.


Credit: LLAP

This is Rufus on his to his first sleepover! Yay, Rufus!!

This project lets potential owners experience what it’d be like to have a dog in the home and meet the dog in an environment other than a shelter. In shelters, dogs are not used to human interaction and being at a home allows the dog to be a comfy dog.


Credit: LLAP

Atlanta shelters provide all the necessities, including the dog, for the night. Although the goal for shelters is to have new owners adopt, it’s also about letting the pups experience the outside world and human love.