Inside the charming LA guesthouse of E! News Producer Lova Yazdani and her dog, Max

By: Aliya-Jasmine Sovani
Photography: Jasper De Jesus


Lova Yazdani isn’t just a bad-ass TV producer living in Hollywood. She is a bad-ass female TV producer absolutely kicking-ass in Hollywood’s most competitive circles. The Wisconsin native talks to me about her life working in one of the most coveted newsrooms in the world, the dog-perks of her new pad, and why her favorite celeb stories to write – are obituaries.

Tell us about yourself!

After growing up in a very small town in Wisconsin, I moved to Los Angeles in 2005. I’m now a show producer/writer for E! News. This January I will have been on the show for 12 years! I get to spend my days entertaining celebrity news junkies. Future goal: is to write on scripted sitcoms one day.

What’s it like being a TV show producer in Hollywood?

Each day we have a morning meeting where we get our assignments for the day.  Then I get busy: watching footage & piecing together a story.  It can range from writing about movie premieres to recapping “The Real Housewives” and, of course, the latest Kardashian news.  I work with our on-air talent daily and our editors to produce the packages for air.  I’ve also worked all the big award shows (yes, including the Oscars!)  I work those big shows from our newsroom. My job is to produce all our footage as it comes in – I love getting assigned to the stories about red carpet fashion!

What is your favorite thing about working in entertainment news?

Providing people an avenue to escape from more disturbing world news like Syria. I really like the feeling when the newsroom/studio erupts with laughter while watching my story, those moments validate my writing.

Have you ever met the Kardashians?

Only in passing at E!

What is Kris Kardashian really like?

When I’ve seen her in our halls, she always says hello. After watching countless interviews with her, I’d say she’s genuinely a good-hearted person.

Everyone has a favorite…



Favorite moment working at E! News?

One of my favorite memories was the morning after Emmy nominations were announced. William Shatner was nominated for Boston Legal.  That series (and him!) was my favorite.  William Shatner came in to E! News and he was just chilling by my desk. I literally could not concentrate on my work.  Actually, I’m pretty sure I called my dad & whispered, “William Shatner is standing right next to me!”  I just kept saying his name, “William Shatner!”

Do you work with celebrities?

Yes, I’ve definitely produced my share of in-studio guest segments – but one celeb worth isolating is Ice-T!  I’ve worked with him a couple of times, and honestly, Ice-T is the best.  It’s so much fun chatting with him.

You work on so many celeb stories every day that end up becoming international headlines; is there one story you produced that stands out – or that you are particularly proud of?

It may seem a bit morbid, but I’m proud of the obituary stories.  It feels like I’m writing a meaningful story and not just fluff.  I wrote a story on Robin Williams after he died, and it was a bit emotional for me because I grew up watching his films.  It felt as if I was honoring his life with my story.

Tell us a bit about your dog, Max!

Max is one-of-a-kind.  He has moments where he seems like he’s still a puppy and others when he comes off as a grumpy old man!  He’s very vocal – not so much barking all the time, but kind of a whine baby.  He loves hiking & going to the doggy beach, but hates it when I watch football or Game of Thrones!  The sounds of play-calling and horses make him anxious – he jumps up and barks at the TV!

If Max was a celebrity, who would he be?

Will Smith! So handsome…and look at those ears!

How did Max come into your life?

Max fell into my lap.  I was visiting Wisconsin & my older sister encountered a farmer who was getting rid of a litter.  My nephew grabbed the one that was all black & named him Max.  They said, we got this dog for you!  I took one look at the puppy and said, “No, this dog going to be huge. I’m adopting an adult that is already house-trained.”  But they couldn’t find anyone who wanted him, and I gave in to his adorableness. At the end of my trip home, I put him in a little carrier, and took him on the plane with me back to Los Angeles!

Describe your personal style!

I’m very aware of trends because of my job, but I’m not one to get all dolled up every day. That being said, I do like prints and interesting hardware on clothing. When it comes to the look and feel of my home, I’d describe my decor as Moroccan/Middle Eastern themed. I’m really into dark hues. Now that I’m in a smaller space, the look feels more cohesive to me.

Tell us about the unique Los Angeles home you share with Max.

I’ve only been in this amazing guesthouse for about 7 months. I picked this cozy home primarily for Max because now he has a yard AND a doggy door – both amazing & convenient upgrades!  I also surprised myself.  I never thought I would be a #tinyhome kinda person.  Turns out I love it!  It’s been freeing getting rid of junk I didn’t need.

What inspires you?

Knowledge.  Culture.  Mike Judge.  J.J. Abrams.

Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling?


Favorite Hemsworth brother?


Favorite celebrity dog owner?

Ryan Seacrest.  He has a chocolate lab & shares the cutest pics.

What’s your favorite trend right now?

Snapchat & chokers.

Finally, can you leave us with a funny story about your pet?

When Max was a puppy & wasn’t crate trained yet, he got into a bag of flour.  Flour was everywhere!  It looked like he was playing slip & slide across the living room coffee table.  The saddest thing is I don’t have a photo, but the vision of my black puppy covered in white flour is forever etched in my memory!