Paris Hilton Adds $8k Micro Chihuahua to Her Pet Family

Maybe the heiress will ditch “that’s hot” for “that’s tiny”

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @parishilton

In the life of the fabulously rich and famous, we often think that bigger is always better. But In fact, sometimes it’s the teeny-tiniest treasures that reign supreme. 

Paris Hilton, heiress to the Hilton Hotels fortune, has no shortage of pets. As an animal lover, she always seems to have numerous pampered pooches in tow and appears to spare no expense to keep them living the lux life. These fabulous fur-balls naturally have their own group @HiltonPets Instagram, with many of them even boasting personal social media pages that fans can follow.

Diamond Baby (actual name) can fit in one hand!


Credit: @HiltonPets

All Paris’ little fluff babies sit pretty for a picture! Missing is Tinkerbell, her most well known pup, who sadly passed away in 2015. Paris was devastated.


Credit: @HiltonPets

Paris Hilton still mourns Tinkerbell on the Hilton Pets Instagram page. But keeping true to her love for the breed, she purchased a micro Chihuahua for $8000 in October 2016!


Credit: @diamondbabyx

Diamond Baby is one lucky dog! Since the pup is used to nothing but the best, flying private is a regular occurrence in the life of this famous pet. Up-up and away.

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