Costa Rica Dog Sanctuary Houses Over 900 Dogs!

They run wild and free like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Andrew George, Facebook

It’s just as you’d picture it – dogs living in their own little world!

So you know how Jurassic Park was this great idea so that people can go to it like a zoo and see pre-historic animals run wild? And it wasn’t a great idea because dinosaurs can eat people? Yeah, well this is a better idea – a dog sanctuary for dogs to run wild together while being managed and cared for!


Credit: Andrew George, Facebook

It’s open to tourists! You can go to this dog haven and pet any of them!

Territorio de Zaguates, AKA the Land of the Strays, is located in Costa Rica and is home to over 900 rescued dogs. During the day the dogs are allowed to roam about as they please. At night volunteers provide shelter for them.


Credit: Territorio de Zaguates Oficial, Facebook

With all these dogs running around, puppies are inevitable!

It’s a no-kill sanctuary since Costa Rica forbids euthanasia for animals. The organization neuters the dogs and runs an adoption program. If people are unable to adopt they are able to donate money to help feed and house the dogs.


Credit: Territorio de Zaguates Oficial, Facebook

Visitors are allowed to go on hike with all these pups and there’s no pressure to adopt!

In Costa Rica there are over one million stray dogs. And this sanctuary works hard to rescue them and re-home as many as they can. If you’re planning a vacation this year, maybe Costa Rica can be an option to visit these free pups!