12 Funny, But Honest Dog Breed Slogans

An artist illustrates common breed stereotypes

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Credit: BarkPost / Laura Palumbo

We all know people who have a favorite breed and continue to adopt/get only that breed and will never try another. Other people avoid other breeds based on stereotypes – the obvious one being pit bulls who get a bad reputation for being “rough.” Or even big dogs like Great Danes since they might eat too much.

Artist Laura Palumbo drew created 12 illustrations making fun of these stereotypes with the reality of these dog breeds. Check them out and have a laugh! (My favorite is the Labrador.)

1) Chihuahua

Credit: BarkPost / Laura Palumbo

These pups get a lot of commercial attention, but are they fairly represented? We have a soft spot for the little yappers!

2) Corgi

Credit: BarkPost / Laura Palumbo

If you’ve never poked a Corgi bum, or watched a video of one on Insta, you may not relate. Dare you not to smile when you do!

3) Dachshund

Credit: BarkPost / Laura Palumbo

If your dog is always the butt of the joke (or rather, the wiener), isn’t it better to be the one making the crack first? Stroke your wiener without judgement and laugh it off.

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