Photographer Captures Amazing Photos of Little Kids and Their Big Dogs

This stunning photo series will make you say “wow”

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Andy Seliverstoff

Look at the majestic puli and child!

I almost can’t caption these photos with something cute because it just takes away from the beauty of it all. Great Dane Photography took this set of photos and called it “Little Kids and Their Big Dogs” by Andy Seliverstoff and it’s just amazing. It just shows the beauty of big dogs and the awesome relationship between the giant beasts and the children who love them. 


Credit: Andy Seliverstoff

Who do you think is happiest? The little boy or the dog?


Credit: Andy Seliverstoff

A boy on a mission with his flying mop-dog sidekick!


Credit: Andy Seliverstoff

Now they both have trouble seeing while jumping – darn scarf and fur!

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