Abigail The Pit Bull Lost Her Ear After Being Used As Dog Fighting Bait

See the movement her rescue story has started

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Credit: Bonnets for Abigail / Facebook

This is Abigail the Pit Bull. She’s completely unrecognizable from the condition she was found in.

Authorities seized Abigail during a dog-fighting operation bust. She is a three-year-old Pit Bull mix who was deemed unfit to fight and left to be bait for the other dogs.

Credit: Bonnets for Abigail / Facebook

She had so many things — injuries and medical conditions — to tend to, but the immediate responders didn’t have enough resources to help her.

At Miami-Dade Animal Services, they discovered that a side of her face was missing and her ear was gone — down to the eardrum. She had ticks, was anemic, and smelled horrible. The poor thing.

Credit: Bonnets for Abigail / Facebook

Abigail matches one of Pets First Wellness Center’s Vet Crew. Who wore it better? If you guessed Abigail, you’re correct!

Victoria Frazier of Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue saw Abigail’s photo on Facebook and immediately took action. She and her husband brought Abigail to Pets First Wellness Center for treatment.

Credit: Bonnets for Abigail / Facebook

Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue raised most of Abigail’s care funds, AND they found another way to give her love and the life she deserved: #BonnetsForAbigail.

Frazier began with some headbands and hats to cover Abigail’s wounds. This idea caught on and soon supporters were making and sending them in. They’ve helped Abigail heal in style. Frazier also mentioned that Abigail starts smiling as soon as she has one of her headbands on!

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