Abigail The Pit Bull Lost Her Ear After Being Used As Dog Fighting Bait

Credit: Bonnets for Abigail / Facebook

Abigail has quite the selection of headbands to choose from on a daily basis. It’s heartwarming to hear that so many generous people have sent in headbands for the gentle-spirited pooch.

Credit: Bonnets for Abigail / Facebook

It is likely that Abigail will continue to wear these headbands even after she is fully healed. Whether she’s wearing them for style or as a security blanket, we are strongly in favor of this brave dog wearing a selection of fashion-forward accessories.

Credit: Bonnets for Abigail / Facebook

Since being found, Abigail has come a long way from being a bait dog to being a loved pet. She’s healing up nicely and is ready for the holidays. Abigail pulls off the reindeer antlers and striped onesie effortlessly.

Credit: Bonnets for Abigail / Facebook

In a situation where an animal that has no voice is rescued, Abigail’s story gives us hope. She’s been through a lot of hard times, but she’s ready to start her life. We couldn’t be more excited for Abigail!

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