Baby Convinces “Tough” Husky to Melt

Watch this husky give in to a baby cuddle session

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Shareably

Husky smothers baby with kisses after baby convinces him to cuddle.

Rumble user Troyslezak posted a video of a baby moving closer and closer to a husky who looks like he wants nothing to do with the baby. Then after reaching him, he rolls over happily and licks the baby’s face! It’s all kinds of adorable.


Credit: Shareably

“I am watching TV…I do not see a baby.”

This is the classic “I see you, but I don’t want to look at you” face. The intense stare forward is a huge giveaway, Mr. Husky, but we appreciate your effort.


Credit: Shareably


“Oh no…the baby is touching me! Stay strong.”

What dog can say no to an ear rub, a nice scratch, or some undivided attention? No dog can. This baby’s persistence is starting to break down this Husky’s bodyguard-esque pose.


Credit: Shareably


Baby: “I need to pet him!”

We can’t say that only the dog is melting! Baby and Husky are enjoying the others’ affections equally.


Credit: Shareably

Husky: -melts-“Okay, I succumb to this baby.” Baby: “I did it!!”

Everyone won! Mr. Husky got some seriously good pets, and baby had the satisfaction of knowing that no one could resist his charm. He already knew this, but it’s reassuring to have someone prove it.


Credit: Shareably

A baby and a Husky. It’s almost too much for my heart to comprehend. So much love, love, love!