Cat Island Exists. Lanai Cat Sanctuary Houses Over 500 Cats!

It’s essentially a Hawaiian paradise for cat people aka heaven

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Credit: @possum_man1962

Cats as far as the eye can see

We already told you about the amazing dog sanctuary in Costa Rica, now add the Lanai Cat Sanctuary in Hawaii to your bucket list!

Credit: @solb322

Cats will definitely surround you…if you have treats of course.

In a lush three-acre oasis, rescued cats are able to roam about and interact with daily visitors. There’s no electricity – only a high tech mobile medical center.

Credit: @ok_christi

Buy the kitties love with treats! And donations are also important.

The two crazy cat men, Keoni Vaughn and Manager Mike, run the sanctuary. Their aim is to end the suffering of stray cats on the street. It’s non-profit and relies on charitable visitors to the sanctuary and volunteers!

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