The Best-in-Show Pet Products From The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show

Credit: @getroamingtails

This one’s a little more down to earth. RoamingTails is an app that makes use of a simple tag that can be attached to your pet’s collar for geolocation tracking. Additionally, the tag stores information about the pet, like medical information – a step-up from standard, engraved tags. Additionally, the app has features for locating pet-friendly establishments and for meeting other RoamingTails users, if you so decide.

Credit: @kyontracker

Several other tracking devices made their way to CES 2017, but one stand-out in the show is the Kyon, now available for pre-order. This sleek collar has a dot matrix LED display for displaying messages. You can read if the dog has been lost, is feeling too hot or cold (thanks to sensors), or what mood they are in. The collar can emit ultrasonic noise to prevent barking, escape from a perimeter, or even potential fighting between dogs. Through your phone or an included home basestation and charger, the collar can connect to Wi-Fi and cellular networks. The truly tech-savvy will appreciate the potential of the programmable API that makes use of a 9-axis accelerometer. This might even appeal to animal behaviorists in motion-tracking studies!

Credit: @catspadofficial

The Catspad is a smart feeder for cats. It makes use of a mobile phone app for meal scheduling, tracking water and food consumption, and notifying when supplies need replacement. In a multi-cat household, the Catspad can identify who’s who through wearable tags or other ID tags they already have. Each profile can be customized for individual cats’ names, ages, breeds, pictures, and schedules.

Credit: @alltherageofsage_gsp / @fitbark

These are five of our favorites, but honorable mentions go to other tracking technology devices that make your pet’s fitness a priority, like the WonderWoof, Whistle 3, FitBark, and Tractive.