Bo and Sunny Obama’s Best White House Moments  

A look back as we get ready to say goodbye to these Presidential dogs

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Credit: Bo and Sunny: The Obama Dogs / Facebook

Sunny doesn’t know life outside being a presidential dog chilling with Obama!

We’re getting to the end of the road with Barack Obama as the POTUS (cue Boyz II Men). Many will miss the Obamas, but we’ll also really miss Bo and Sunny!

Here are some of their best moments in and out of the White House…

Credit: @michelleobama

“That’s a huge tree for us!”

First of all, they looOooOove Christmas! Sasha and Malia Obama are seen here holding Bo and Sunny beside a sizeable Christmas tree while First Lady Michelle Obama inspects it. I once spent two hours perusing Christmas trees in order to find the perfect one. No regrets.

Credit: @michelleobama

Yarn doppelgängers and tennis ball Christmas trees!

Bo and Sunny look quite at home alongside their yarn doppelgängers. It must have taken all their willpower not to dismantle those tennis ball trees. I know my dogs would have destroyed them. Tennis balls are just too tempting for some pups.

Credit: @michelleobama

“Yes, we will take our treats whenever you can bring them.”

Look at this regal pair of pup-a-roos. They’ve practiced their poses in advance because when you’re presidential dogs photo ops frequently happen. You’ve gotta be prepared!

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