Six Coffee Table Books Every Dog Lover Will Appreciate

A Roundup of Books for Thinking About Dogs

By Erik Ryken

Credit: @andrewknapp

Ever look at around your house feeling like something is missing? You love dogs. Maybe you own one, maybe not, but where is a book about dogs? All of these great texts about people are everywhere. You may have a favorite wide format book of travel photography, memoirs from famous minds, a collection of fashion inspiration, or a little library for a young reader, but do you have some literature for the contemplation of how great dogs are? Here are some items to help solve this problem.

Credit: Andrew Knapp

Let’s Find Momo! by Andrew Knapp

Literacy begins with fun, and fun begins with dogs, like Momo! This 24-page board book will entertain readers of all ages, especially those just starting out. Andrew Knapp and his adorable border collie are Insta-famous for their adventures. The duo has two books to date, reminiscent of the Where’s Waldo task, but this one’s focused on children, and features a variety of words to practice by finding objects throughout the photos. Maybe kids who read it will develop a keen eye for photography as well as an appreciation for dogs!

Be sure to check out other great titles from Quirk Books, like Cat Castles by Carin Oliver!

Credit: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.

Eavesdropping: A Memoir of Blindness and Listening by Stephen Kuusisto

This book is unlike the others on this list. A second memoir by poet and critical essayist Stephen Kuusisto, Eavesdropping is a sensory opening into life with disability, travelling, navigating the world through ear, and methodically listening. He is currently working on a book tentatively titled What a Dog Can Do that takes account of the close bond he has developed with dogs. A beautiful excerpt can be read here.

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