These Celebrities Can’t Get Enough of Their Favorite Breeds

They really can’t just have one so they got multiples!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Credit: @adamsandler

Do you ever look at your dog and think, “I wish you were a baby again. Puppy you was adorable. I love you still though. I love you so much I would clone you.” Well, the solution would be to get another puppy! Or you can do the more affordable thing and look at puppy photos of your dog. These celebrities can afford more than one of the same breed – and they get ‘em!

Adam Sandler can’t get enough Bulldogs! He has three – Meatball, Matzoball, and Mate.

Credit: @joshduhamel

The Duhamels – Josh and Fergie and their baby – have two Dachshunds.

Credit: @toast_thesnag

Meatloaf and Zoe probably look something like this!

Credit: @ladygaga

We already announced Lady Gaga’s newest Frenchie addition, which makes three Frenchies – Miss Asia Kenney, Koji, and the puppy!

It was Koji’s second birthday recently and you can see the bums of the other two sniffing the treats.

Martha Stewart has a lot of pets, but she seems to have a particular taste in specific breeds like French Bulldogs and Chow Chows!

Credit: @marthastewart

Her older Frenchies Sharkey (RIP!) and Francesca

Credit: @marthastewart

Her new Frenchie puppies Bête Noir and Crème Brulée

Credit: @marthastewart

And her two Chow Chows – Genghis Khan and Peluche!

We learned that Kylie left an awards show because her dog had puppies – that makes four Italian Greyhounds!

Credit: @normieandbambijenner

The original two – Norman and Bambi Jenner

Credit: @normieandbambijenner

And the newest additions – Charlie and Rose

Credit: @sandrabullock_official

Sandra Bullock, one of the few stars who are off social media, has two Chihuahuas!

Credit: @tiny.haven.chihuahuas

Poppy and Ruby probably look a little like these two.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson loves his Frenchies!

Credit: @therock

The Rock on the beach with his loyal Brutus

Credit: @therock

Late Hobbs RIP puppy!