Mailman builds ramp for his elderly dog friend

Dog and mailman enemies no more

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Credit: Today

The idea that mailmen and dogs are enemies is just a misconception. The pair can actually be best friends! In Colorado, Jeff Kramer began a relationship with Tashi, a chocolate lab.

Jeff knew that you always let the dog approach you first and never the other way around. And once Jeff properly introduced himself to Tashi, he would pet him every time he delivered the mail.

His owner Karen Dimetrosky says that Tashi adores Jeff and would always get off his bed to go greet him.

But in recent years, Jeff noticed the difficulty Tashi was having getting down the stairs. At age 14, he couldn’t make it up or down the stairs as well as he could at a younger age. And Jeff realized how serious the struggle was when he saw Tashi being carried up and down.

Credit: Today

So that’s how Jeff got the idea to build the ramp.

Jeff had the materials from his late dog, Odie. He brought them to the Dimetrosky home and built the ramp on a Sunday using his own time. Now Tashi uses it every day and Jeff can resume his affectionate pets each time he drops off the mail.