Teapet: Herbal Teas For Dogs & Cats

The All Natural Liquid Treat For Discerning Pets

By The Get Leashed Goods Team


There’s something so comforting about curling up with a nice cup of tea, and dignified about throwing a tea party for your closest friends. But what about your four legged friends? Enter Teapet, the whimsical brand that caught our attention with their innovative take on a classic, remixed for pets! As purveyors of herbal teas for dogs and cats, Teapet blends animal-friendly, natural and healthy ingredients like chicken, coconut, bacon, salmon, and more, into teas which are served as liquid treats (after they are allowed to cool, of course). Sound intriguing?

We first tested ¬†Meowtopia with a Get Leashed team member’s kitty, who lapped up her bowl, happily purring for more!

The brand also makes the most precious get well soon cards, the perfect way to show a friend your concern for a sick pet. Each card comes with a single tea bag inside. We think this is such a great gesture.

Browse the Teapet varietals below: Le Grand Wag, Marco Pollo, Ruff Day, and of course, Meowtopia.

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