Can You Guess How Tall the World’s Tallest Dog Is?

This Great Dane towers over most people on his hind legs!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Credit: @freddygreatdane

Meet Freddy the Great Dane and his mum!

At Get Leashed we understand that few things bring greater joy to people’s hearts than super-sized dogs. These gentle giants come in various breeds but none is better recognized as the the majestic, Great Dane. While the average Great Dane stands at an impressive 35″ tall, making it the tallest of all dog breeds, there is one particular Dane who distinguishes himself amongst this lofty canine compatriots.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Freddy – born the runt of his litter, this hell-of-a-hound has managed to claim the Guinness world record for world’s tallest dog! Officially measuring in at an astounding 40.75 inches tall and and unbelievable 7 feet, 5.5 inches when standing upright, on his hind legs.

1.) Look up! Waaay up …

Credit: @freddygreatdane

The bigger the Dane the GREATER the love!

Today, the 4-year-old Freddy happily resides in Leigh-on-Sea, U.K., together with his devoted owner, former model, Claire Stoneman and his Great Dane sister, Fleur.

2.) Have I told you lately how “Great” I am?

Credit: @freddygreatdane

Trying to enjoy the nice weather on the tiny patio furniture! What are these? Sofas for ants??

Naturally, Freddy’s friendly disposition makes him a big neighborhood hit! As a result, Stoneman’s home is often filled with Freddy’s friends and admirers, and local cars have even been know to stop  while he’s out for a walk to catch a closer look.

3.) Lord of the dance!

Credit: @freddygreatdane

He towers over everything he stands over.

It’s not hard to believe that great big dogs have great big appetites, but Stoneman reportedly spends $100 a week on food for her pup. Freddy has been known to eat everything from whole roast chickens to piles upon piles of peanut butter toast. Can you say dee-lish?!

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