New U.S. State Law Allows Humans To Be Buried With Their Pets

Would you want to be beside your pet forever?

By Catalina Barrios


Would you like to be buried with your beloved pet when you die? Well, now this is possible if you live in the Big Apple.

According to Andrew Cuomo, Governor of the State of New York, this new legislation will give pet owners the option of honoring their wish of being buried beside their pet. Pet cemeteries were the only option for those pet owners who did not want to be separated from their pets after death.

This New York law only allows cremated remains of pets to be buried but cemeteries are not obligated to accept animals.

According to Edward C. Martin Jr., director of Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in New York, about five to seven people are buried there with their pets each year.

This bill states that the pet owner first needs to get a written consent from the cemetery to be buried beside his or her pet. This bill does not apply to cemeteries owned or operated by religious organizations.

A press release from Governor Cuomo’s office says cemeteries must provide customer with a list of charges for the pet burial and are also required to allocate all payments for the pet burial in the cemetery’s maintenance fund.

What do you think about this law? Do you think humans should be buried beside their pets?