Toronto’s Getting a Dog Café to Foster Adoptions

Set a reminder for Spring 2017

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Credit: @wishbonecafe

A café with a mission of love and rescue

Toronto has two cat-cafes already, and Wishbone Café is going to be like them to encourage adoption.

Credit: @wishbonecafe

You could meet cuties like this one!

Janio Valencia and Bjorn Frehe, the owners of Wishbone, are in the process of contacting Toronto-based rescues, shelters, and foster homes to find forever homes for pups!

A crowd funding campaign will be launched so Wishbone can become a reality. They plan to make an operational and sanitary café with separate areas for the dogs. They hope to be open from 10 to 10! And in the middle of the day, their dogs get to go to the dog park.

Credit: @wishbonecafe

Coming soon in April! 605 Bloor St. West!

Follow them on Instagram @wishbonecafe.