15 Reasons Why Cats Make the Best Valentine

They’re cute, chill, and love to be spoiled

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Credit: @fantasticflora

“Idk, what do you want to do?”

Where dogs are over-excited, cats like to keep it cool and chill. Unless you’re planning on sharing catnip with you kitty who will look like this:

Credit: @vincent__vinnie

“More! More! More!

Cats as Valentines will probably adhere to your chill side and still are great company. If you need more convincing, we’ve got more reasons why!

Credit: @machiyominoura

They can come in handfuls and will just mew and sleep by you.

Credit: @anfieldsbritter

Older cats in a group can be stored like this and recharged for friendliness.

Credit: @teto.lala.ginji

They’re literally down to just “hang”.

Credit: @pancake_and_furriends

They’re down to have some drinks while listening to your life stories.

Credit: @vincent__vinnie

They can come in heart shape boxes too!

Credit: @pancake_and_furriends

They’ll write you heartfelt letters and bring you presents!

Credit: @pancake_and_furriends

They (maybe begrudgingly) will dress up to take you out!

Credit: @pancake_and_furriends

They’re ready to give you kisses and take lots of selfies with you.

Credit: @pancake_and_furriends

They’ll draw you a bath. It’s the thoughts that count!

Credit: @missypampam

They’ll wear your gifts right away!

Credit: @irisfold

They won’t forget to remind you to pay attention to them.

Credit: @cobythecat

They’ll share their cat-eye tips with you!

Credit: @superhirocat

They’ll alert you of things you can’t see in your home.

Credit: @anfieldsbritter

And really, they’re not afraid to let it ALL hang out.

Cats are the way to go if you just want to chill this Valentine’s Day!