Life of Vi – Baby It’s Cold Outside

When the weather outside is frightful, what’s a Frenchie to do?

By Rachel Simpson

Canada isn’t as cold as some people might think, but when the Canadian winter does its worst, it still gets nasty enough to trap a girl inside. So when the prospect of a walk plummets in accordance with the mercury, Violet has to adjust her day accordingly. What does she do? Read along to find out.

1. Laying on the Layers

Violet isn’t much of a morning creature to begin with, but when it’s time to crawl out of her crate (strategically located next to a toasty radiator) and face the morning she likes to do so in her robe. Isn’t wearing a robe overĀ a fur coat overkill, you ask? Maybe, but it’s also adorable.

2. When Nature Calls

After breakfast, and a long digestive nap, Violet starts to feel the itch to go outside. She isn’t reckless about it, though. No, instead of just squeaking at the door and then barreling into the cold, Vi does a little reconnaissance: she sits at the window and tries to get a feel for what a trip outside might require of her. Does she need boots? A sweater? Maybe even a (gulp) parka?

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