Over 200 Dogs Rescued From Dog Farms in South Korea

And one brought a sweet surprise with her

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Credit: Facebook / Humane Society International

Humane Society rescued several dogs from dog farms in early January 2017.

The Humane Society International is on a mission to rescue 200 dogs found on a dog farm in South Korea. Airline flights can only carry so many dogs, so the dogs are flown 10 at a time to other places like the UK, America, and Canada to be put up for adoption.

Credit: Facebook / Humane Society International

The dogs were found in dirty and overall sad conditions.

People usually line up at shelters to adopt these dogs because of their sad backgrounds.

Credit: Facebook / Humane Society International

These dogs were still endearing even though they had been kept in cages.

Hygiene was apparently non-existent and the dogs were left outside and only fed once a day.

Credit: Facebook / Humane Society International

The dogs were placed in crates with fresh water.

Dog meat consumption is on a decline in South Korea and usually only older people eat it. However, there are estimated to be at least 17000 dog meat farms still in South Korea.

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