Rescue Chihuahua Puppy Born With Only Two Limbs Is Now Thriving

See how well she’s doing with her human parents

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @2leggedmaggiemay

Maggie May looks like a normal tiny Chihuahua newborn, right? She was born on June of 2016. When she came out, she came out with a surprise! She only had two hind legs.


Credit: @2leggedmaggiemay

Everything about her was healthy, she was just missing two front legs. Everything else was A-Okay!

Dogs’ ability to thrice surprises us all the time; there’s a story about the dog who was found in a tied garbage bag in a dumpster who was rescued and now has prosthetics, there’s Smiley the blind therapy dog who was rescued from a puppy mill, and even white-eyed Rowdy with vitiligo who survived two near-death experiences! And we can add Maggie May to the list.


Credit: @2leggedmaggiemay

She was born just a little bit more sausage-ier than her littermates, but she was just as adorable and capable.


Credit: @2leggedmaggiemay

Maggie May is around 8 months old now and she can do everything her litter-mates do! She hops, plays, and misuses the pee pad. “Mom, get out of my face. And why won’t you take me outside to do my business? What is this pad thing anyways??”


Here she is wrestling a chew toy and then “subtly” rubbing her bum on the ground.


Credit: @2leggedmaggiemay

She weighs less than three pounds, but she’s strong and rowdy anyways! She doesn’t let her missing limbs stop her from anything.


Credit: @2leggedmaggiemay

Apparently from what she lacks in limbs, she makes up with her ferocious fangs.

And she is well loved. Her parents love to hold her close to their bodies when she’s in a cuddly mood. Or they play around with her and watch her wrangle chew toys that are longer than her!


An adorable moment where she showers her dad with lots of kisses!


Credit: @2leggedmaggiemay

“Okay, well I do love him, but they put this on me without asking!”


Credit: @2leggedmaggiemay

“Mum’s neck is the warmest and comfiest nap spot ever.”

We love her parents for giving her such a happy, normal dog life. Follow her on Instagram @2leggedmaggiemay!