Rescue Chihuahua Puppy Born With Only Two Limbs Is Now Thriving

See how well she’s doing with her human parents

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @2leggedmaggiemay

Maggie May looks like a normal tiny Chihuahua newborn, right? She was born on June of 2016. When she came out, she came out with a surprise! She only had two hind legs.


Credit: @2leggedmaggiemay

Everything about her was healthy, she was just missing two front legs. Everything else was A-Okay!

Dogs’ ability to thrice surprises us all the time; there’s a story about the dog who was found in a tied garbage bag in a dumpster who was rescued and now has prosthetics, there’s Smiley the blind therapy dog who was rescued from a puppy mill, and even white-eyed Rowdy with vitiligo who survived two near-death experiences! And we can add Maggie May to the list.


Credit: @2leggedmaggiemay

She was born just a little bit more sausage-ier than her littermates, but she was just as adorable and capable.

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