All Aboard the World’s First Tour Bus for Dogs!

Explore London from “Barkingham Palace” to Big Ben

By Si Si Penaloza

Dogs need culture too! Enter the world’s first dedicated tour bus for pups. Newly launched this January 2017, the customized London double decker bus, naturally named the K9 Routemaster, departs three times a day (10am, 12pm and 2pm) from Millbank, near the Tate Britain on the South Bank of the Thames. Once aboard, kick back and enjoy a 90-minute tour of the best doggy spots the capital has to offer.

All aboard! Pups await their tour. Credit: More Th>n

The iconic London red bus takes canines (humans welcome too) on a curated “greatest hits” tour of animal-centric hot spots in the British capital. Itinerary favorites include Buckingham Palace, home to the pampered corgis of Queen Elizabeth, and Number 10 Downing Street, where many a Prime Minister’s dog has warmed the hearth. One of the more popular stops is the Kennel Club, which houses Europe’s largest collection of canine-centric art.

Buckingham Palace

The pet savvy route is a figure eight, highlighting four parks as well as places of interest for dogs and their owners which the on-board host and commentator illustrates colorfully along the way. Learn about London’s rich canine history and the role of dogs in the early life of the city. Even the potty stops are posh, with the legendary Hyde Park on the walk roster. Pooches may disembark to explore four specially selected parks: Hyde Park Corner, Hyde Park Place, Kensington Palace and Green Park. Photo tip: get ready to snap a shot of your pooch with Ben Ben as your sail by on the double-decker bus. Play with scale and remember – to your Bichon bundle of joy, the great Big Ben looks even bigger.


The best way to see the sights. Credit: More Th>n

Best of all? The K9 Routemaster is absolutely free to ride! The limited-edition bus venture is backed by UK insurance company More Than, which is launching a pet care and protection offering that provides all the essential items for a happy and healthy dog. At the end of the tour, you’ll get a handy list of London’s best dog-friendly pubs and cafes to check out at leisure.

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