Need More Pug in Your Life?

Tumblr artists of Inkpug have got you covered

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Inkpug / Tumblr

They got the anatomy of the dog down pat – a roll with wrinkles.

Lauren and Gareth are the artists behind Inkpug. They make illustrations featuring a popular breed: the pug! It’s dog butts and wrinkles and munchies all over their Tumblr and Facebook. They even have an Etsy shop where they sell cards, pins, and magnets! Based in Connecticut, they have a 5 star rating on Etsy  and they’ve been on there since 2013! If you’re a pug lover, you’ll get a few laughs from their art.



Credit: Inkpug / Tumblr

Even their pugs know that pug faces are all about squishing. We love the simplicity and humor in their work.


Credit: Inkpug / Tumblr

And their pugs come with attitude! “Everyone, fight me!” Silly, pug, do you realize how tiny you are?

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