One-Year-Old Pit Bull Rescued From Crack House Adopted By Fire Department

From living alone with no food, Ashley now lives with a bunch of firefighters, constantly eating!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @probyash

“Guys, how am I supposed to help if you tie me to the truck??”

Erica Mahnken, the cofounder of No More Pain Rescue, received a call about a Pit Bull living in a Staten Island crack house. She immediately took action. Upon arriving at the crack house, Mahnken noticed there were feces everywhere and the dog was alone with no food or water. Mahnken and her fiance took the dog that was malnourished with her ribs showing and had cigarette burns on her head. The dog, called, Ashley, even though neglected, was excited by their presence.


Credit: @probyash

Here’s one of Ashley’s first few days at the firehouse – you can see her ribs and also her affection for the firemen.

Mahnken had a few friends at the Lower East Side FDNY station aptly nicknamed “Fort Pitt” and asked if Ashley could stay there for a few days while Mahnken looked for a home for her. Within a few days, the fire department decided to adopt her permanently.


Credit: @probyash

I mean, how can you resist this smushy face??

Ashley does everything with the team – she eats with them, she sits on the roof with them, and she explores their rescue area with them. She’s gained weight while with them and is all around happy to be there!


Credit: @probyash

Ashley trying to learn about everyone’s specialties! Or she’s trying to get extra food!


Credit: @probyash

“Come on guys, there’s a lot of work to do! What do you mean I can’t sit here?”


Credit: @probyash

“This would be more exciting if the sirens were on.”


Credit: @probyash

“Look what came for me! A giant toy! I want to destroy it – I mean play with it all day.”


Credit: @probyash

“Don’t mean to rush you, but I need to use the facilities ASAP.”


Credit: @probyash

“Hi, I’ll have some of what you’re having.”


Credit: @probyash

Her sad, lonely days at the crack house have been replace with happy, exciting days being loved as one of the department. Thank you to the department for their bravery and their kind hearts.

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