A Dog-Friendly Escape to Hôtel Le Toiny

Where Small Dogs Sun in Style in Saint Barthelemy

By Si Si Penaloza

When your Pomeranian can’t perfect her resting pom face on just any Caribbean island, St. Barts is all about exclusivity and elegance. Pet-friendly Hôtel Le Toiny is perhaps the most reflective of such posh ideals. The belle laureate of svelte Saint Barthelemy, the hotel lies on the more secluded southeastern coast, a haute escape from the gawker-driven capital of Gustavia. With just 15 Villas set amid 38 acres, your privacy is guaranteed.

(Photo: Hotel Le Toiny)

Small pets are welcome at no additional cost; in fact, the manager’s cheerful Labrador may be the first to greet you on arrival. Hôtel Le Toiny’s charms kick in as soon as you and your pooch land; enjoy complimentary airport transfers with seasoned staff drivers dressed to impress.

(Photo: Hotel Le Toiny)

Miles away from traffic-clogging celebrity spotting, Hôtel Le Toiny stands poised on a remote cliff, reminiscent of the legendary romance St Barth is famous for. The hotel is best appreciated by those seeking refuge on the island the same way Greta Garbo, Humphrey Bogart and Howard Hughes did, back in the day. Here, you’re more likely to dine next to bespectacled biographer types, as opposed to entourages of barely dressed hangers on.

(Photo: Hotel Le Toiny)

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