9 Great, Free Apps Every Pet Owner Should Try

Pet-Friendly Tools, Tricks, & Travel Tips From Your Mobile Device

By Erik Ryken

With so many tools to keep us connected and help us find info fast, it’s a great time to be a pet owner. If you haven’t embraced any pet tech just yet, we’ve found some simple apps to get you started. From optimizing your travel to capturing your pet’s silly side, here are 9 great, free apps we think you’ll enjoy.

9. Quik by GoPro

Free, for iOS and Android

Taking the hard work out of video editing, Quik helps you to find the best moments in your footage and photos to create professional results. It’s made by GoPro but you don’t need one of their cameras to use it. If you do, then let your pet’s camera skills shine! You can add a soundtrack, with free included music or imported tracks from several cloud-based platforms.

7. GIPHY Cam

Free, for iOS and Android

For anyone with a cat, this is essential. Some pets were just born for the silver screen of animated GIFs. Let them flaunt their weirdness, make you laugh or cry, and share these fantastic digital offerings with your friends and the wider online world with the ease of this app. Everyone’s doing it – even your favorite ketchup brand:

Credit: GIPHY / Heinz

Please make more great GIFs.

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