Hollywood Glamour Ft. Doggos

By Erin Kirkpatrick

We’re just days away from watching the who’s who of Hollywood glamour grace the red carpet! Celebrities, outfits (including, jewelry that costs more than my car), nominations, acceptance speeches, and performances are just a few things to expect on Sunday evening.

Now, not all of us can attend the Oscars in person, so if your ticket got lost in the mail – mine did, too – don’t worry!

Entertaining at home for the Oscars is actually a better option. First off, coziness and a flexible dress code. Anything from ball gowns to sweatpants permitted. Second, paparazzi will finally leave you alone. Third, you can cheer on your celeb favorites surrounded by adorable doggos.

dogs on bed

Credit: Instagram / @rushakakhaun

So, here’s a comprehensive guide that will guaranteed the award for “Ultimate Host” for close pals and pooches goes to…YOU!

oscar cookies

Credit: Instagram / @glucrafted

House Rules

Simplify planning and preparation by confirming how many guests and pooches will be attending your Oscar party a few days before. Be sure to ask pet parents for an inside scoop on their dog, including breed, socializing skills, health issues, and any other relevant information. While you’re collecting pet information, reach out to guests to make note of food and pet allergies. Yay, information!

to do list

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You’ll be better suited to set up your house (i.e baby gates and quiet areas) and the party (i.e. decorations and food) to accommodate two-legged and four-legged friends.

Pre-Show Preparation

Depending on what kind of host you are, you can make the Oscar party hors d’oeuvres or ask your guests to each bring something! The choice is yours, but option 2 = more selection and future appy inspiration. Also, remember that those wandering pup noses can reach pretty high, so place all food items on surfaces that can’t be reached.

Try as you may to remind your guests to bring pup supplies, play it safe. Keep extra leashes, baggies, toys, and treats on hand. Soon after guests arrive, let them know what supplies you have and where they can find them, and to clear any treats by pet parents first as a courtesy. Easy peasy!

Why not invite your friends and their pups over earlier to watch celebs walk down the red carpet? You’ll all witness fashion at its finest, and you’ll give dogs more time to get comfortable with each other before the show officially begins. Bonus point if you play puppy dress up and post pictures #OscarPups2017 on the red (construction paper) carpet.

Designated Dog Patrol

Ask guests if they’d be interested at some point throughout the evening to be on “Designated Dog Patrol” or assign one person for the duration of the evening. Volunteers will supervise the dogs, escort them outside for regular bathroom breaks, and ensure they have anything they need for their Oscar celebration.

Pro-tip: Use commercial breaks as bathroom breaks for Fido.
dog with leash


While a dog’s ability to hear is heavily based on breed and age, experts agree dog’s ears are considerably more sensitive than humans. Humans hear up to a measly 20,000Hz, while dogs hear up to an astounding 65,000Hz. With this in mind, remember to keep the volume of both the TV and the party atmosphere at a reasonable level to avoid startled or annoyed pups.

Keep Those Tags On

With all the excitement going on during the Oscar celebration, some pooches might get startled and bolt for an open gate or door. Remind your guests to include their dog’s ID tags underneath bow ties and diamond necklaces to ensure everyone gets home safely at the end of the evening.

dog tag
Credit: Instagram / @baublesdog

Their Own Space To Celebrate

Designate a quiet space away from guests for pups to retreat to throughout the night. Having a space like this will help them relax and stay comfortable when the Oscar excitement becomes too much for them. Make sure to stock the room with fresh water, comfy beds, and toys for them to enjoy!

dog play

Keep An Eye On Cocktails & Co.

If your Oscar celebration features adult beverages – hello, champagne –, kindly remind guests to place their unattended drinks where pets cannot get to them. Ingesting alcoholic beverages, human food (i.e. grapes, onions, and chocolate), and party decorations can make dogs sick, so avoid that unhappy ordeal by placing these items out of reach. Why not use stemless glassware so tails and paws are less likely to spill your bubbles? We love this art deco design from Kate Spade.

I’ll be celebrating Oscars 2017 in the company of two dogs, a cat, and a tortoise, so I’ll definitely be putting some of these tips to the test! Wish me luck 😉