French Artist Recreates Pusheen Stickers With His Chubby Cat

Proving Pusheen isn’t too far from reality

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Julien Terrien / Facebook

It wasn’t that difficult, but his cat did sit on most of the props.

We all love Pusheen, the silly cartoon kitty who’s so round, he’s basically a grey blob. But really, some cats are exactly that – cute and blobby. Quebec artist and contributor to Les Populaires, Julien Therrier decided to show this reality with his own cat by recreating 12 Pusheen stickers. They’re all pretty good recreations and the cat didn’t look so unwilling to be a part of the project. So if you ever thought that Pusheen was cute, but not believable as a real life cat, you might rethink the idea!


Credit: Julien Terrien / Facebook

1. The Combo

Well, the real kitty almost got drinking from the straw right, but licking it works too. If you give a chubby cat food, they’re most likely going to devour it, and look extra cute while doing so.


Credit: Julien Terrien / Facebook

2. The Wool

Is it merely a cliche? Cat loves yarn? Even big cats act like kitties when they toys come out. This one should have been easy to stage. Every cat loves battling a ball of yarn!

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