French Artist Recreates Pusheen Stickers With His Chubby Cat


Credit: Julien Terrien / Facebook

3. The Hi-Five!

Twins! All kitty paws are equal and adorable. #TeamToeBeans


Credit: Julien Terrien / Facebook

4. The Supersonic Unicorn

#ICantBelieveItsNotPhotoshopped! Real kitty looks unimpressed with the new outfit, but at least it’s not getting eaten. We’re going to guess this was as hard or harder than trying to get a fat cat into a leash and harness.


Credit: Julien Terrien / Facebook

5. The Laptop

I’m seeing the only difference between real kitties and Pusheen is that Pusheen is always happy, but at least real kitty is warm and loafy. Hope you have your work saved, because those eyes look sinister.

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