French Artist Recreates Pusheen Stickers With His Chubby Cat

Proving Pusheen isn’t too far from reality

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Julien Terrien / Facebook

It wasn’t that difficult, but his cat did sit on most of the props.

We all love Pusheen, the silly cartoon kitty who’s so round, he’s basically a grey blob. But really, some cats are exactly that – cute and blobby. Quebec artist and contributor to Les Populaires, Julien Therrier decided to show this reality with his own cat by recreating 12 Pusheen stickers. They’re all pretty good recreations and the cat didn’t look so unwilling to be a part of the project. So if you ever thought that Pusheen was cute, but not believable as a real life cat, you might rethink the idea!


Credit: Julien Terrien / Facebook

1. The Combo

Well, the real kitty almost got drinking from the straw right, but licking it works too. If you give a chubby cat food, they’re most likely going to devour it, and look extra cute while doing so.


Credit: Julien Terrien / Facebook

2. The Wool

Is it merely a cliche? Cat loves yarn? Even big cats act like kitties when they toys come out. This one should have been easy to stage. Every cat loves battling a ball of yarn!


Credit: Julien Terrien / Facebook

3. The Hi-Five!

Twins! All kitty paws are equal and adorable. #TeamToeBeans


Credit: Julien Terrien / Facebook

4. The Supersonic Unicorn

#ICantBelieveItsNotPhotoshopped! Real kitty looks unimpressed with the new outfit, but at least it’s not getting eaten. We’re going to guess this was as hard or harder than trying to get a fat cat into a leash and harness.


Credit: Julien Terrien / Facebook

5. The Laptop

I’m seeing the only difference between real kitties and Pusheen is that Pusheen is always happy, but at least real kitty is warm and loafy. Hope you have your work saved, because those eyes look sinister.


Credit: Julien Terrien / Facebook

6. The Pizza

Points for attention to detail! Therrien also gets props for even getting a photo – the battle between kitty and pizza looks wild. We’re going to say it (from a point of experience): cats are harder to photograph than dogs.


Credit: Julien Terrien / Facebook

7. The Thought

This one gets points for 100% accuracy – same shape and everything! Is it just me, or is Pusheen making Julien’s cat look svelte here?


Credit: Julien Terrien / Facebook

8. The Dumbbells

Here you see the realism – kitties aren’t excited about workouts and definitely won’t stand up on hind legs at the thought of lifting. Cats: cute but will side eye you for days.


Credit: Julien Terrien / Facebook

9. The Notebook

Real kitty isn’t about doodling. Pusheen is really excited about everything and apparently can hold a pencil without thumbs!


Credit: Julien Terrien / Facebook

10. The Book

Minus half a point for no glasses, but Therrien gains it back since no glasses probably meant saving himself from a scratch attack. Worthy of a new background update as the paw placement is pure gold.


Credit: Julien Terrien / Facebook

11. The Box

This one gets points for creative interpretation. Most would assume Pusheen’s box is cardboard, but the real wood box works better!


Credit: Julien Terrien / Facebook

12. Taxidermy Style

This one is up to you to decide if it’s a winner. Real kitty isn’t upside down, but if you look at it upside down, it’s a winner in our books.

And that’s all! Yay for Therrien and his amazing idea to recreate Pusheen with his real kitty – his attention to detail made all the photos that much more enjoyable. Which one looks most like your cat? Let us know in the comments below.