2-Year-Old Australian Shepherd May Do More Chores Than You

Her 16-year-old owner Mary is an amazing trainer

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @my_aussie_gal

Have you ever seen a 2-year-old pup with that much poise?

There’s something about Mary and her Austrailian Shepherd Secret. Something about their relationship is intriguing in the sense that they’re more than your average adorable puppy and human Instagram. Like any girl and her dog, they go on hikes together, Mary photographs Secret outside, but they also do much more. Mary trains Secret to do tricks like the trust fall, drawing circles, posing on her hind legs, vacuuming, and even putting away trash! These young geniuses can do so much! They even do DOGA together! That’s what we’re all about.

Secret slowly learning how to draw circles on paper – practice makes perfect!


Credit: @my_aussie_gal

Secret is almost three and is still a playful pup – here’s her adorable smile on a log.


Credit: @my_aussie_gal

Secret is patient and understanding that Mary needs to take a lot of photos to get the best one – like this one of Secret balancing a leaf on her head. Her Shepherd fur looks gorgeous against the forest colors.

When they’re not outside (which is most of the time), Secret eagerly practices her trust falls and keeps going higher and higher!


Credit: @my_aussie_gal

This girl is the whole package – beautiful and agile! Shepherds are an extremely intelligent breed, it’s no secret.


Credit: @my_aussie_gal

Here she is patiently posing on yet another log sitting on her hind legs – too cute! She can’t wait till the photos are over though, she wants to jump back in the water #WaterDog. Her facial expression looks almost human.

This dog can balance – a warm up for hiking and evening agility classes. Wow.


Credit: @my_aussie_gal

They even practice their DOGA outside – amazing! Do not attempt this at home – professional doggos only!


Credit: @my_aussie_gal

This hardworking Aussie doesn’t mind the training as long as there is time for play, too.

But, there are always chores to keep up with at home. Here she is cleaning up a spill.

She even vacuums!

Can you believe that Mary is only 16 training her 2-year-old Aussie! It really is impressive. Props to you, Mary, from us at Get Leashed! Follow them on Instagram @my_aussie_gal.

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