Budapest Brewery Gives Incentive to Adopt Shelter Animals

This is all in effort to show that shelter dogs still have worth

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @shelterpetproject

The only difference between this pup and the pup you have at home is that your pup has a home!

Sadly, people surrender their pets to shelters more often than we’d like to think actually happens. There are people who give up their pets for various reasons, some legitimate, some not so legitimate. And many problems arise from these shelter situations, mostly from overcrowding. Animals are not meant to live in small quarters with little human interaction, and some are there waiting for a long time for someone to consider to adopt them.


Credit: @shelterpetproject

But for some reason, shelter animals get a bad rep and some people think they’re “not as good” as other dogs.

But a brewery in Budapest has created a campaign to get rid of the stigma around shelter animals. Tamas Szilagyi who runs the Mad Scientist Brewery, says, “We wanted to draw people’s attention, that sanctuary dogs are not worse (than other dogs), they are not waste you throw out.” And his brewery is offering a crate of beer matched to one of the 7 dogs’ appearance and personality.

Credit: @roger.skwarek

And Melinda Varady adopted a Rotweiller named Radisson and received her free crate of beer!

The animals come from Noe Animal Sanctuary which has been rescuing animals since 1992. The sanctuary operates in order to encourage adoption and fostering of some of the various animals – from dogs and deer and cattle and foxes.


Credit: @shelterpetproject

And maybe you can make a dog look this happy by considering adoption.