California Bulldog Girls Holly and Harper Rule Everything They Do

These twinning bulldog babes have got it unlocked

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @bulldogholly

No sun? No problem, we got enough on us to keep us warm. #PerksOfBeingaBulldog

According to Katy Perry, California Girls are fine, fresh, fierce and got it unlocked. And this is true for these bulldog sisters Holly aka the Original Queen of Sass and Harper who “doesn’t even go here!” Their hobbies include, sunbathing, chasing light, asking for treats, matching, nosing around whenever someone’s in the washroom, and napping. With almost 87 thousand followers on Instagram, these sisters gain attention just like the Kardashians – with their bodies, outfits, and shenanigans. One of them recently created a fluff storm in their living room, try and guess who the guilty one is.

I wonder who murdered Duncan? 🤔🔉#WhatTheFluff #RestInPiecesDuncan 💥

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I don’t think it was the sleeping one, Holly. Something gives me the feeling it was Harper. Rest in Peace Duncan the stuffie.


Credit: @bulldogholly

Yup, Holly is too grumps to be destroying Duncan. She’s all about her next nap! Can you say princess?


Credit: @bulldogholly

“Let me up there! Holly doesn’t appreciate you! I want to dance.” Who knew bulldogs could be so agile? The crossed paws are too good.


Credit: @bulldogholly

Harper’s classic “Bae caught me sleeping” selfie. When you wake up with extreme pillow creases, but it doesn’t matter because you’re an extremely wrinkly bulldog!


Credit: @bulldogholly

Who’s the genius here in your opinion? Holly or Harper? To tan, or not to tan; the quintessential California question.


Credit: @bulldogholly

Harper isn’t pleased that there can only be one lump on the bed. Super hero PJs aren’t just for human children!


Credit: @bulldogholly

“What are you doing in there? Can I come inside? I want to see! Let me in!”. We can almost hear this curious creature panting and snorting away.


Credit: @bulldogholly

“This isn’t funny! I want to be a part of it. My head is too big .” Nothing can stop a determined bullie!


Credit: @bulldogholly

“Is this why you keep the door closed? I made it all the way here can I come in too? Those bubbles look delicious. We can guess it takes a lot of baths to keep these girls looking sparkly white.


Credit: @bulldogholly

Bulldogs have such a hard, gangster edge don’t they? They’re all about motivational shirts about their MO – getting cookies.


Credit: @bulldogholly

“Our bodies are a Candyland, thanks John Mayer.” These girls are just so pretty in pink!


Credit: @bulldogholly

“Of course, we won’t move for the view. We are the view!”


Credit: @bulldogholly

“I farted! We can’t escape! Oh no, what are we going to do?!”


Credit: @bulldogholly

“As long as we look it, we’re fine with it!” #BodyPositive

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